Our Story

We were born out of a sheer necessity to add rocket fuel to the fires of ambitious businesses. Ranging from one person startups that have a great idea, all the way to a few thousand people locked in a collective effort to take over the world.


Our journey began in our founder’s experiments to determine why businesses suffer or fail. He realized that SMEs often struggle with the nuts and bolts of their product. This takes them away from their foundation, which is a solid understanding of what their customers need.

FYELABS exists for one purpose, and one purpose only… to build products really fast and in a no frills model. Thus our clients can focus on their path to market and count on us to deliver the solution.

When you start a business, or develop a new product, the hardest part is figuring out what the customer needs. So, we let you focus your attention on that. Armed with our carefully curated cross-functional team, and the collective wisdom of having developed over 70 products, we acts as your one stop shop for developing your product for you.

Our core team is incredibly diverse, with strengths in software, DevOps, algorithms, IoT, hardware, … you name it. When we run out of skills, we dip into the massive bucket in the community of Canada’s most industry friendly university, McMaster, who is our parent and longstanding guardian.

Industry-university relations are complicated. SMEs often find it challenging to navigate the complex processes of negotiating a contract, working with professors, leveraging students, … However, all major research universities are a mountain of resources that can be invaluable to any ambitious business.

FYELABS is architected to be the storefront of the university. Just McMaster today, but the world tomorrow (no, we don’t have franchising opportunities yet, but ask us again next week?).

The genesis of FYELABS is in what was previously the Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC) at McMaster University. Our founder started CIRC way back in 2016 using a pioneering model wherein researchers started cohabiting with a industry-born startup. We have picked up many many lessons along the way.

The most key lesson was in speed to market. We realized that to be successful in today’s world, you need to go from idea to a minimum viable product in weeks/months. FYELABS let’s you do exactly that, using the pioneering innovation-as-a-service model.

So far, the IaaS offering has been around for just over two years. With 40+ clients from 5 different countries (as of September 2020), and counting...

A common myth is that we are funded by the university or grants. We are not. We used to be an entirely self-funded unit within McMaster University; our clients loved us, and paid to use our services. We are now a proud spin-off of the university, and and continue "hang our hats" at the McMaster Innovation Park.

Client Testimonials

We have done this over 70 times now, for over 60 clients from all over the world. Here’s a few things they have to say about us.

Small Business BC

"Allowing small business to compete with Big Business"

- Small Business BC
Paul Lupinacci, Viziya

"We are a small software company, we work very quickly and FYELABS was able to step up and work at the same pace with us. It was clear that the people we were engaged with had the experience and understanding to solve our problem. We went from articulating our problem to having a proposal very quickly and it was clear that they understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish and had the resources to help us."

- Paul Lupinacci, Vice President - Development & Services, Viziya
Mississauga Board of Trade

FYELABS: "Accelerating Big Ideas"

- Mississauga Board of Trade
Edward Sternin, Brock University

"There was willingness to go beyond the call of duty ... a bug found would be fixed 2 hours later ... it exceeded my expectations in terms of time of delivery."

- Edward Sternin, Professor, Department of Physics, Brock University
Nesmith Chingcuanco, Devhaus Technologies Inc

"...if we were going to bring in our own resources permanently, it could take two months just to ramp them up and get them to understand. But because the capability of FYELABS team .. being very high caliber, it was very easy for us to get them on board. It was like a week they got the problem and they got the solution."

- Nesmith Chingcuanco, President and CEO, Devhaus Technologies Inc.
Samih Abdelgadir, Hitron Technologies

"We had a great experience with the FYELABS team. They integrated seamlessly with our development team to build our HitronCloud AI cloud infrastructure and engine."

- Samih Abdelgadir, Vice President - Products and Cloud Solutions, Hitron Technologies Inc.
Min Basadur, Basadur Applied Creativity

"You understood it. And much, much, much cheaper than we were originally given... You knew how to, what we wanted, and that's how we decided to spend the money to invest in you."

- Min Basadur, President & Founder, Basadur Applied Creativity
David Ackerman, EVdirect

"I was very impressed with the fact that it was a group of multiple people with multiple disciplines and backgrounds. They seemed to be very enthusiastic and determined to do this in a very quick timeline. Communication was awesome."

- David Ackerman, Founder & Director, EVdirect

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